How much does it cost to make an Android Or iOS app?


Be it ordering food online, booking a cab or checking flight rates for business travel, the one thing that makes this all possible at your fingertips is your smartphone.

Needless to say; mobile apps have become the need of an hour and the reason behind its increasing usage is its easy-to-use approach and services at the doorstep. Nowadays, mobile app development has become the new money-making business for startups and newbies entering the software development market.

Whenever you think to build an app for your business, the one thing that constantly strikes your mind is:

How much does it cost to make an app (at least an approx. figure)

Relatively low price and high-quality app development is something that everyone chases for when hiring a mobile app development agency; whether that agency hails from India, USA, UAE or any part of the world. At Digimonk Solutions we know this very well since our portfolio consists of 500+ web and mobile applications for renowned enterprises, startups, and well-established companies globally.

It’s quite needless to say that the cost to build an android or iOS app varies globally. So without wasting much time, let’s figure out what exactly you shall expect to pay for your new-fangled mobile app and how that estimated figure would actually pay off while hiring a mobile app development agency.

But before that, let’s identify;

What Factors Actually Influence The Cost Of App Development?


1. App development team

  • Depending upon the project requirements, you can hire an offshore development team or can go with the local extended development team. Generally, an app development team consists of one or fewer more developers (depending upon the OS selection), an experienced project manager, a skilled quality assurance technician, and a freaking-awesome UI/UX designer. 
  • If you still want to save somewhere let’s say on user interface part (no latest fine-featured menu, no bright colors, saying no to the eye-pleasing animation, and just want to go with the basics)still, you’ll at least need a proper user interface to assure that your user experience is not distorted. For that, you at least need to hire a UI/UX Designer for a part-time role.

2. Features and functionality

  • There can be millions of features and functionalities that can add complexity to your app development project.
  • For instance: Let’s take an example to build an OYO clone app where we are building a platform for last-minute hotel room bookings with a search filter algorithm that’s connected with real-time discount offerings. But the time when we were building the app, no such filter integration was available. So developing a custom algorithm as per the requirement was the only alternative left with us. This led to extra development time which creates a hike in the overall development budget.

3. Backend development

  • There can be a case where you are planning to develop a really big and dynamic application to store real-time users’ information in a way that it remains synchronized across devices and is stored in the cloud. If you want to do so, you’ll surely need a strong yet flexible backend system that can manage huge chunks of data without compromising the application’s performance; thus ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • This result in more time spent in designing and building such a complex architecture. Moreover, it would also involve multiple programming languages to build such well-structured architecture which means hiring more professionals to create a robust app’s backend.

4. Supported browsers, devices, and operating systems

  • While developing a web app; make sure it supports the latest versions of the top browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer and so on. Failing to do so will result in losing potential users for your web applications.
  • If we consider iOS platform, an iOS mobile app should be highly compatible with the next-generation and previous versions of the iPhone i.e iPhone X and iPhone XI along with the latest iOS versions (iOS 10 and later. iOS 13 is the latest).
  • Talking about the Android, the fragmentation is much wider. For android app development, the decision of device supports majorly relies on the below factors:
  1. Client’s preference.
  2. Devices popular in the market.
  3. The size of the market share

Apart from the device support, these considerations also apply to the device OS versions. At Digimonk Solutions we currently give support to Android 10. However, the exact specification shall be disclosed by the client while sealing the deal.

5. Custom Designs And Animations

  • As you know, anything tailored is always going to spike up your pockets and so is the case with the web and mobile designs. Designing custom user interface is a bit complex to implement and will eventually increase your budget as compared to the cost incurred to build UI using standard components. So kindly consider your budget before deciding the UI screen designs and animations.

6. Post-release expenses

  • An average app development cost does not solely comprise of the designing and programming. Rather, it involves something more than that i.e marketing or in simple words growing an app/product. Just like any other business, app success depends on the constant app updates/ app maintenance cost and improvements, customer support, backend support, cloud hosting, server maintenance, and whatnot. Even the app marketing and promotion conducted creates a huge impact on applications’ success.
  • Estimating app development budget, one should not forget to consider post-release expenses which are provided as an additional service by the majority of the leading software companies.

I hope the above factors have helped you to understand that app development is a continuous process and so one should be well-prepared to deal with sudden and unexpected expenses and situations.

So now you know the factors to estimate the cost of app development. What’s next?

What about the Hourly Charges To Build An App Worldwide?

It differs as per the developer’s expertise and experience (and you’ll be surprised to know how it differs from one another). When you’re looking to hire a mobile app developer or probably a freelancer for your business; try to go with the one that has rich experience and expertise in your targeted domain so that they can give accurate and expected results within a shorter period.

If you want to turn your million dollar app idea into a reality, you can visit our company’s portfolio and check out our client’s review on Clutch and hire dedicated mobile app developers from us at best hiring models.

There is no guarantee going with an expensive company will yield you better ROI. Regardless, sometimes cheaper programmers can get you expected results. The higher price is not always equivalent to the top-notch outcome. There are a lot of factors that influence the pricing and geographical location is one of the biggest factors.

So let’s look at the cost breakdown and find the average hourly rates charged by the agencies or developers globally.


As per the above source;

  • USA and Canadian companies charge a substantial amount of $50-$250 an hour.
  • The UK and western Europe companies offer their services ranging between $35-$170 per hour whereas Australian based agencies go for their services with $50-$150 per hour.
  • Eastern European companies settle for their services for $20-$150 USD per hour while the Indian companies offer their services for the attractive and relatively low hourly price of $20 – $80 per hour.

Now we are well-aware of the hourly prices different countries have to offer. So finally.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Freaking Awesome Web And Mobile App?

It depends on the number of hours a project may take. The more difficult the project features and functionalities, the more time it will incorporate to complete the development process. Generally, companies or agencies charge on an hourly basis however, the prices can be negotiated up to some extent.

At Digimonk Solutions the price to build any app starts with ____$ per hour. Just to let you know, don’t get trapped with a certain kind of price list to calculate the entire project estimate. These are just the marketing gimmicks to trap you in unnecessary complications. So further, let’s divide the app into three categories to give the rough idea of the app development estimation.

Simple App:

  • Such kind of apps includes some basic features and functionalities but does not involve any kind of third party API and plugins integrations. It may even do not need the development of backend infrastructure.
  • Such app development may involve certain features such as standard UI components, simple filters, and sorting options, feed lists, and map markers.
  • Developing such kind of app may take around 800-1000 hours depending upon the app features and development starts with $25-35K.

App with fewer complexity:

  • Such apps involve some premium features and customizations such as real-time chat, API and plugin integration, Custom UI features, simple backend server, etc.
  • It also includes the development of admin and backend infrastructure.
  • Developing apps with such complexities will involve around 1000-2000 hours and the development starts at around $45-55K.

Highly complex app:

  • Highly complex app development includes advanced level features and functionalities such as audio and video processing, real-time synchronization, third party tools, and services integrations, complex animations, development of complex backend infrastructures with multiple database dependency and relationships and a lot more.
  • Developing apps with such complexities will involve around 2500+ hours and the development starts at around $85K.

How Do We Estimate The Cost Of App Development?

  • Well, before sending you the final invoice, we shall send you the free estimation of your entire project. So before acknowledging you how many dollars you need to spend on your app development project, we will guide you with a rough estimate of your project by following our work process. Let’s make it clearer for you. Here is how it goes.
  • The first step would be to fill out the contact form where you would be mentioning your project details and the scope of the work. After that, our business development manager will schedule a call with you to get the in-detail information about your project, business goals, and objectives and will confirm the requirements that you mention in mail.
  • Once the requirement is gathered, we perform the basic business analysis considering your scope of work, product features, user roles to offer a solution that meets your business goals and objectives. Based on that, we draft a basic estimation of the deliverables.
  • The next step would be assigning the results of business analysis to our solution architect. The team will study the entire outline, prepares detail feedback and suggestions on the app structure, possible use cases, ideas, and information on the technical implementation of the app.
  • After that, we schedule a meeting to share our feedback and suggestions, get clarifications and gather more requirements if needed. Here, we also specify the features that need to be covered and based on that we prepare the final project offer.
  • In the last meeting, we propose a final project quote which usually consists of hours of work, platforms, technology stack, application architecture approach, product features and functionalities, backend information and versioning information for the initial release.
Once the rough project estimation is being approved, we proceed ahead with the detailed project estimation where we identify a set of requirements for each scope of work, make wireframes and prepare project documentation. 

This is how we estimate the cost to develop a web or mobile app. 

Be it a web or mobile app, we leverage full-cycle development right from product development till management.

You can consider the below pattern:


With each iteration, the cycle repeats until your product is successfully launched. 

We’re not just limited to developing and launching an app. We’re here to serve you with all your business requirements be it web, mobile or trending technology or on-demand apps. 

Still not convinced? 

No worries. Shoot us your details at [email protected] and our Business executive will get in touch with you within 72 business hours.

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